Babyyyy boy! What are we doing?!

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There’s nothing worse than being in the midst of a situation and you’re like “wtf are we doing?” Now most women want to know the answer to this question but men have made it undeniably hard to ask the question. It’s damn near cringy to think about 😂. I remember one time asking a dude what we’re doing and feeling regret immediately after. I kept looking at my phone thinking damn, all this technology and Apple hasn’t made a damn “unsend” button huh? Like girl y’all grown AF, if shorty don’t respond 🗣Sis, Block Him! 💀 But forreal.. just let that situation go.

But listen…. after being married and recently entertaining niggas in this awkward ass time of dating in 2019, I’ve since released that fear and I’ve learned to get straight to the point. Either you’re going to tell me what’s up or we’re just going to move forward amicably.

Most times, women don’t want to hear “We’re together”. More than likely we’ve already assessed the situation and know if shit is serious or not. I want the real… like look right now I’m not looking for a relationship. I enjoy you, your company, the time we spend etc… Then it’s like BET! Now you’re giving me something to work with. The conversation really helps the woman know how to move in the future. Oh we’re not exclusive right? Soo me going out with Darnell won’t have me feeling like I’m doing some slick shit.

Men want to make it out to be “Damn she trying to box me into some shit.”

Nah nah sir… we just have to make sure we’re both moving the same way. Cause I’ll be damned if I’m loyal to you and you out here just spreading your royal oats everywhere 💅🏾.But as soon as he finds out you’re entertaining someone else, you’re the worst person ever! How does that work sir?

Personally, I ask dudes this question all the time and I either get a real response, generic ass response, or no response at all lol 😂 Generic and no response at all is like ok, so we being childish?! I wasted 5 years of my life with a nigga I don’t even speak to anymore, I have 0 time to be wasting on people that won’t even express what they want. I am a woman of clarity and communication because it’s impossible to get anything misconstrued when you can be open and honest about the shit that’s going on.

Ladies… just ask the gahdaaaamn question!!! lol Either he’s gonna answer that shit or he’s not.. but either way, you’ll know how to move after. Shit really not supposed to be difficult 💛

I’m all about protecting peace X energy.. If it doesn’t bring me peace or drains my energy…I can’t 🤷🏽‍♀️

6 thoughts on “Babyyyy boy! What are we doing?!”

  1. girl, its like you read my mind. I ( very recently) asked a guy the cringe worthy question ‘what are you looking for?’ hell, I even added ‘…in general…’at the end of the question just to make him relax, I think. His response was “this”, I further probed “well what is “this” and he still said “this”. There’s so many interpretations to that stupid response but all of them lead to me knowing he’s not in it for the same reasons and i’m not as wishy washy as he is.


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