Breaking Up With Toxicity

It’s crazy how many red flags 🚩 we ignore. It’s not because we are dumb, it’s really because we choose to ignore them… OK.. so maybe we are dumb, but most importantly we’re human. It’s like we WANT to see the good in people, even when they show us exactly who they are! This could be a relationship, a friendship, hell even your family. And I know reading this… there’s definitely someone that popped in your mind.🤦🏾‍♀️ But look…. first try to understand why they’re still there…

Sweet baby Ebonee… why is that? Wellll… ok! Think about the good times… NOW STOP! See that’s ya problem right there 😂😂😂 Those good times are constantly giving you F.A.L.S.E hope! Let’s be real… He or She is not about to change out of the blue. People really have to want to change in order to change. Most times in order to see the change, you have to let them go. Let them figure out their issues before they can be of any benefit to you, because right now that roller coaster is making ya sick boo! I’ve had friends I’ve had to let go because the up and down shit gets draining.You can’t make anyone be in your life. You can’t pray everyday that someone changes. lol

Let’s also be realer …. ladies hold ya wigs and guys hold ya hairlines for this next one * w h i s p e r s * 🗣 SOMETIMES YA’LL ARE THE TOXIC ONES!!! I know I yelled, but shit I’ve always been told I’m bad at whispering 😂😂. Anywho! Back to the topic at hand.. seriously. At times we have to take a step back and say “WHY… are these types of people in my life” then BOOM 💥🤯 .. ~Self Reflection moment~ IT’S ME!

My issue is I always want to help.. Dear Lord, Why’d you make my heart so pure? 💀 It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s like I attract people with the wildest gahdaaaamn circumstances, to the point that I make it a game to see if each person can outdo the last. And here comes my little weak heart doing everything I can and wondering why I get shitted on.. duh goofy! Stop attracting these types of people. It’s probably taken multiple situations like these for me to understand, but I can say they are easier to spot. I lowkey had a talk with my heart and told the MF to chill out!

All in all… we know red flags when we see them! We just have to look beyond the good and focus on what someone is really showing us. If they can’t call or text.. it’s because you’re not important to them. If they are still messing with that other person after you’ve taken them back, then baby they’re not stopping anytime soon. If they stop answering the phone or not responding at the same time everyday.. they have somebody they’re dating. If you’re never invited to the crib, they live with somebody. If they say they’re leaving somebody they’re with for you… just let them go because it’ll be years later and they’re still leaving. If it seems like your friend or family only brings their negative news to you, stop answering because that shit is draining and you’re taking in all of their shit with nowhere to dump yours!

It’s crazy how long this post has just gotten because I went off on a rant. But at the end of the day there are too many people on this earth for you to be stuck with people in your life that don’t give a damn about you. I can guarantee if you stop replying, stop answering, stop meeting up for closure, stop saying “this is the last time”, they will reflect and question what is going on. But you have to take the first and the hardest step of releasing. Stop ignoring the red flags baby…