Protect your peace

“They say people in your life are seasons,

And anything that happen is for a reason ” -Kanye West

I’ve finally reached the point where I no longer want to beg someone to stay in my life. If they want to leave.. let them. Remember every person you meet is in your life for a reason and they will all teach you something different. Although every experience hasn’t been pleasant, I needed all of them. I’ve learned how I want to be treated and how not to be treated.

Think about the last person you stopped talking to. Was there a big fall out or did you two just grow apart? Now most importantly…What did you learn? When we are in the middle of a friendship/relationship, we are so focused on making it work that we aren’t seeing the lessons we’re being taught. Typically, if it seems as though you are being “tested” in that friendship/relationship it may be a sign of the end of that season.

We fight so hard to keep situations alive and the more we prolong it, we find ourselves hurt. But why? You will be tested over and over until you’re finally fed up. If someone does not bring you peace, it’s time to part ways.

In physical relationships, this may be a little harder to do and a lot harder to identify. When we are in relationships where feelings are involved, we tend to try to overlook the signs because we like to think of the better times and not what’s truly in front of us. We will push our feelings away so that we are able to hold on to that relationship.

In a close friendship it is typically the same. We love the person we are friends with, we think of all the good times we’ve had with them and try to excuse things that affected us. But when you have to question if this person you are in a relationship with or you’re friends with is truly for you, then it may be time to re-evaluate their position in your life.

I am not saying to go cut off everyone you’ve ever known because I’m sure you’ve been in your feelings about everyone in your life at some point. But what I am saying is take a step back from them and see if it brings you peace. If you find yourself not missing them, did they truly have value in your life?

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