Come through…..

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, and I must admit, this corona virus quarantine has me doing nothing but scrolling, watching tv, and eating lol. My cousin KeKe sent me this meme that us women are all too familiar with and I found it extremely funny.

Ladiesss…….! We have all been there at some point in our lives, when a guy sent us the come through text and we were willing to get there by any means necessary. Whether you drive yourself, catch a bus, train, plane, bike, kite, ya home girl or hell even one of your dudes might have dropped you off unknowingly. I’ve driven through damn near tsunamis and pretending like it wasn’t the end of the world outside. My cousin Tiara one night literally was like “Bih…you do know it’s storming outside right”? I’m just like “God got me”. I literally couldn’t see shit on that highway, but I was determined and couldn’t look back! I was slipping and sliding the whole way.

I have literally been dead asleep, and the dude calls and like “You up”? I’m like yeah I’m up, knowing gahdamn well I have on a whole ass bonnett, an over large shirt and slob on my pillow. But LOOK! I’m up now, hitting that bathroom to brush my teeth and a shower/hoe bath depending on how soon I need to be there.

Depending on how much I like a guy would typically determine how dumb I would decide to be.. YIKES lol If it’s like “I’m feeling ya conversation, but I’m not sleeping with you”, you get me leaving out the crib at 10P.M. at the latest, but if I’m sleep we have to reschedule. Now if I mess with you heavy HEAVY, talk to all of my girls about you, (bad & good), imagine a pretend future with you and you’ve put it down on me before. BAY BAY!!, SIS pulling up at SCARY hours haha!

A moment of transparency, & IDGAF who judges meee… Niggas & women alike have done the scary hours pull up so “WHO GONE CHECK ME” haha!

Anywho…I had been messing with this dude on and off for a while. He had been out of town so I was missing him like crazy, although I wasn’t going to tell him that. He went to the club and asked me if I was going out & I’m like nah, I’m going to chill at the crib & relax. Whole time I’m like D A M N, I should’ve taken my ass out so I could’ve run into him. So I end up falling asleep, like catching big ZzZ’S. Mind ya’ll, before I fell asleep I cut my ringer on HA! At 2am, I get a text like “You up?” I’m like yup, while responding with one eye open staring at a bright ass screen in pitch black darkness. He like, “Meet me at my crib, and I’ll be there once I leave the strip club” Ya’ll the club closed at 5am… F I V E AM! Those are crackhead hours lmao.. So I get up at 3am, go to his crib through the back door get in the bed and fall back to sleep. This man walked in at 6am BWAHAHAHAHA!

Let’s just say, a nigga I don’t like, like that.. COULD NEVA! I’d be like, boy if you don’t get ya goofy ass outta here, thinking I’m getting out of my bed at 3am, you done lost your mind. I low-key would probably block him…not even going to lie.

I have been out with my girls and gotten that “come through” text & hit them with the quick deuces. & Don’t let your girls find out you’re leaving them for a nigga.. you will never hear the end of it.. OH OH but wait… DEFINITELY don’t let it be a nigga you’ve claimed to be done with or they think you need be done with. They damn near won’t talk to you for days.

Now this isn’t solely for women because I know PLENTY men willing to pull up during scary hours for a chick. So guys, don’t EVEN think about judging us haha!

Welp…. That’s all ya’ll… Just think about me the next time ya’ll are about to pull up during scary hours. Know that it’s OK LMAOOO! We are all dumb at some point. Just don’t respond too quickly, don’t seem too excited, hit those three points of contact with soap, water and lil perfume, show up and show out! 🙂

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